CREATE:SPACE is the diverse and wonderful community that has grown from the collaborators who gathered to exhibit their work in various pop-up galleries utilising empty retail and warehouse properties in Street, Somerset. Beginning with a simple 10 day exhibition in December of 2015, the award-winning collective of artists, makers, writers, and musicians, expanded through two shows during the winter and spring of 2018 to include over 100 locally based exhibitors.

Open to co-conspirators from every part of the local community, and at any stage in their personal, creative, and spiritual journey, we hope to provide an environment for conversation and discovery, turning abandoned or unloved spaces into inspirational places for people to play, grow, and rest.

To find out more about who we are, click on the logo at the top of the page to access our Facebook Group (Facebook login required), or click on any of the images which appear below to find out more about the artist(s) who created it.


"Where it all began"